Bullsmouth School celebrates

100 years!


Hope you can join us !  


Bullsmouth  N.S    or Dooniver School as it is also  called was opened  in 1910.  The old school that was down at the sea at Bullsmouth was closed that year and pupils, teachers and records etc moved to the new school at “Áird Mhór”.  So in 2010, therefore, we celebrate the centenary of our school.  During all those years the national school has been the centre of the Community. All the changes that have taken place in our society are reflected in the life of our school.  To mark this special occasion a Centenary Committee has been set up to make arrangements for the celebrations.


The  Centenary  Committee

The members of the Committee are:  Pat Conway, Chairman,  Maureen McGreal, Secretary;  Fr. Ronnie Boyle,  Ann McHugh, John Conway, Cathal Grealis, Elizabeth Masterson,  Ernie Murray, Tony Grealis, Bridget  McGinty, Catherine Doran Treasurer, Katie Keane,  Aisling Masterson, Jacinta Gallagher, Anna Marie McGinty,  Mary Angela  McLoughlin, Cait McNulty,  Teresa Murphy, Elizabeth Kilbane, Marie O'Gorman.

What’s Planned?

While the Centenary  celebrations will be ongoing for the entire year, the main part of it will be  centred around the week-end of 1st May 2010. Mass in Seomra Pobail  on  Saturday 1st May  2010  will be  celebrated by  Archbishop Michael Neary. On that night there will be a  banquet   in  Ostán Oileán Acla at which a very large attendance   is expected. During that week there will be a display of  old photos in the Seomra  Pobail  and in  the Classrooms.  The old roll  books will be on display also. This  will give everyone an opportunity  to come, to look, to  browse and even meet with  old friends. For more specific details, please see the Program of Events

Old Photos

We would welcome old photos, which some people may have at home. We are just asking for the loan of them.  Every photo that we get will be carefully recorded and scanned into a computer. Some may be published in the Centenary Magazine but some of them will be displayed during the Centenary Celebrations. Afterwards all photos will be returned to their owners. Old articles from Newspapers or anything of interest would also be appreciated.  For more information, contact conwaypat@eircom.net

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