Centenary  Magazine  

It is planned to publish a magazine for this very special occasion in the life of Dooniver and Askill. A special committee has been set up to oversee the publication of the magazine. The Committee are asking all past pupils, teachers  and friends to consider writing an article for the magazine. The articles can be about anything in the life of the school or the life of the community in the past hundred years. And of course photos with the article would be really appreciated. So we are depending on you to come to our rescue and start writing. We are sure that every one of you has a story to tell, or a memory so share or a funny incident that happened at school, to recall. It may be about the teachers, about yourself or about a friend. It may be about something that happened in the locality. It doesn’t really matter as long as you write it. We would love to see as many past pupils as possible writing something for the Magazine. And if you have any problem with the article or want any guidance please feel free to contact any member of the Magazine Committee. The Magazine will only be as good as the material we get in.

All ideas welcome: We are considering erecting a plaque at the school to commemorate the Centenary. At this stage we are looking for ideas to make the event a great success. All ideas would be very welcome, so if you would like to contact us with any ideas at all, we would be most grateful to you.

We are asking you to write. As someone who was important in the life of the school, we are asking you to consider writing something about your time in the school or any other topic that you wish to mention.   All articles whether prose or poetry will be welcome. We don’t mind if the articles are short or long. We ask you to check if you have any old pictures of life at the school or in Dooniver or Askill down the years. We are hoping to have all articles in to the committee in December if at all possible. 

Finally, we ask you to let us know if you are going to write something for us so that we will know how many articles we can expect to get in. We would be most grateful to you if you would contact any member of the committee or you may send an email to conwaypat@eircom.net   telling us if you are considering writing something.

Very best wishes and hoping to hear from you in the near future

                                              Very Sincerely,

                                                       Magazine  Committee  

Maureen McGreal (Secretary), Ann  McHugh , Elizabeth  Masterson, Cáit McNulty, Teresa  Murphy, Marie O’Gorman, Pat Conway (conwaypat@eircom.net)   

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