Dooniver  Women’s  Group

(Buíonn Mná Dhún Ibhir.)


Formation of Dooniver Women’s Group: 

The inaugural meeting of Dooniver Women’s Group was held in Bullsmouth School on  Wednesday 26th  October 1994.The meeting was held at 6.30 p.m.  The following women were present at the meeting.

Sheila  McHugh, Bríd  Doran, Catherine Doran, Angela McGreal, Maureen Grealis,  Mary McHugh,  Elizabeth  Masterson, Jacinta  Conway, Nora McGreal, Mary Anne Lavelle, Nora Gallagher,  Nora Cafferkey, Annie McGreal, Kathleen Conway, Kathleen Gallagher, Veronica  Fallon, Susan Calvey,  Hilda  Calvey, Nova Murray, Katie McHugh, Nora  Jeremiassen,  Helen Grealis, Mary B. Lavelle, Nora McHugh  and  Bernie Maher.

 At the outset, Sheila McHugh talked about the idea of a women’s group in the village,  She hoped that the group could work in close co-operation  with the Coiste Forbartha.  Various courses could be held in the school in the evenings. Several ideas were put forward as to what the group could be involved in.  Some of the suggestions were:


  • Art and Craft Classes;  
  • Flower  Arrangement;
  • Keep Fit Classes  
  • Various health issues;
  • Teaching of card games etc; 
  • Shopping trips to various town e .g   Galway, Dublin etc
  • The organising of a Christmas Tree at the school.
  • Christmas Party for the children.


Officers were then selected and they were as follows:

Chairperson :      Sheila  McHugh,

Secretary:             Jacinta Conway.

Joint Treasurers: Catherine Doran  and Elizabeth  Masterson.

The Committee was made up of :

Mary Grealis, Maureen Grealis,  Helen Grealis, Mary  B. Lavelle, Veronica  Fallon and  Brid  Doran.

It was agreed that on  the following week  “Get Fit Classes” would begin in the school. It was agreed that a “Get Fit Tape” would be purchased.

A number of those present expressed an interest  in going on the "Terry Fox walk for Carncer " on the following Sunday. It was agreed that all who were interested would meet at the school at 1.45 p.m.

It was decided that each member would pay £2  as a membership fee.  Date and time was agreed for the next meeting and thus ended the very first meeting of Dooniver Women’s  Group.


Since then the Dooniver Women’s  Group has gone from strength to strength.  They are a very active group and they go away for long week ends and on shopping trips every year.  They have worked in close co-operation with Coiste Forbartha  Dhún Ibhir down the years and have been instrumental in getting many facilities for the Seomra Pobail which has been built since then.


The current  officers of the Women’s  Group are:

 Chairperson:              Jacinta  Gallagher:             

 Vice Chairperson:      Bernie Maher.

Secretary:                     Karen Conway.              

Assistant  Secretary:   Elizabeth Kilbane.

Joint Treasurers:        Catherine Doran and  Olivia  Calvey.


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